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Product Care

Product Care

When we begin to get the smell of our rattan chair in the house, a sign that you should start to do clining. This odor is a sign that there is some bacteria or fungus that began to pollute your furniture. Now it's time to clean the furniture from dust and dirt or mold to maintain the health of each member of our home family. A simple first step can be started with the basic cleaning - wipe surface to remove dust. This can be done to furniture products with a rattan cane material because they have a larger area so it can be easier to clean.

However, for products that have woven furniture certainly more difficult to do the cleaning. You can use a gentle vacuum or brush with a soft hair brush to remove dust or mold which is also more of this shit on a narrow section. Brush the wicker with a soft brush to remove dust or mold attached woven sidelines, and then be followed by wiping with a soft cloth. Sometimes the furniture may require a more thorough cleaning. If you need to use soap and water, clean with a soft brush to avoid weaving damaged, rinse and then dry. This can be more looks shiny and clean and free of unpleasant odor.

Make repairs immediately. Rattan Furniture easier to damage than wood furniture. The parts are often damaged are usually found on the binding itself or woven. Matting section more often experienced broken or loose. To weave it necessary to prepare parts woven material that is commonly called rattan pitrit. Otherwise can be done loosely wrap using glue. To further make the furniture more clean and shiny can be done by way of giving / sprayed with a special paint for furniture. You can get it at the hardware store. When spraying any paints and coatings, be sure to follow the applicable instructions. Clean the wicker before storing for the winter, store wicker indoors. If this is not possible, keep close to home and close with an outdoor furniture cover.

Cushion Care

  • Use vacuum regularly to remove dust.
  • Dry the pillow if it looks wet or damp which can facilitate the emergence of mold and accumulated dirt.
  • Wash your pillow fabric in accordance with the applicable rules.



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